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DC Comics Plans After Convergence


DC Comics plans for what is going to happen after Convergence are finally becoming clear.  It looks like they are doing some major housecleaning and not resetting numbers across the line.  Staple books like Batman, Superman, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, etc. aren’t renumbering to 1 and will continue with their “New 52” numbering (all are at issue 41 right now).

Overall there will be 25 comics that were being released before convergence that will continue being ongoing series and not being renumbered to number 1.

  • Action Comics by Greg Pak/Aaron Kuder
  • Aquaman by Cullen Bunn/Trevor McCarthy
  • Batgirl by Cameron Stewart/Brenden Fletcher/Babs Tarr
  • Batman by Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo
  • Detective Comics by Brian Buccelato/Francis Manapul
  • Batman/Superman by Greg Pak/Ardian Syaf
  • Catwoman by Genevieve Valentine/David Messina
  • Deathstroke by Tony Daniel/Tony Daniel
  • Flash by Rob Venditti/Van Jensen/Brett Booth
  • Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan/Brenden Fletcher/Karl Kerschl
  • Gotham By Midnight by Ray Fawkes/Juan Ferreyra
  • Grayson by Tim King/Tim Seeley/Mikel Janin
  • Green Arrow by Ben Percy/Richard Zircher
  • Green Lantern by Robert Venditti/Billy Tan
  • Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner/Jimmy Palmiotti/Chad Hardin
  • Justice League by Geoff Johns/Jason Fabok
  • Justice League United by ?/Travel Foreman & Paul Pelletier.
  • Lobo by Cullen Bunn/Cliff Richards
  • Secret Six by Gail Simone/Dale Eaglesham
  • Sinestro by Cullen Bunn/Brad Walker
  • New Suicide Squad by Sean Ryan/Carlos D’Anda
  • Superman by Gene Luen Yang/John Romita Jr.
  • Superman/Wonder Woman by Peter Tomasi/Doug Mahnke
  • Teen Titans by Will Pfeifer/Kenneth Rocafort
  • Wonder Woman by Meredith Finch/David Finch

There will be 24 new series coming out that will all be number 1 issues.  They are:

  • Robin, Son of Batman by writer/artist Pat Gleason
  • Black Canary by writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Annie Wu
  • Martian Manhunter by writer Rob Williams and artists Ben Oliver and Paulo Siqueira
  • Earth 2: Society by writer Daniel H. Wilson and artist Jorge Jimenez
  • Midnighter by writer Steve Orlando and artist ACO
  • Bat-Mite by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Corin Howell
  • Batman Beyond by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang
  • Cyborg by writer David L. Walker and artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
  • Dark Universe by writer James Tynion IV and artist Ming Doyle
  • Doomed by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Javier Fernandez
  • Harley Quinn/Power Girl by writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Justin Gray with artist Stephane Roux
  • Red Hood/Arsenal by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Denis Medri
  • Starfire by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, with artist Emanuela Lupacchino
  • We Are Robin by writer Lee Bermejo and artists Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph
  • Justice League of America by writer/artist Brian Hitch
  • Bizzaro by writer Heath Corson and artist Gustavo Duarte
  • Prez by writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell
  • Omega Men by writer Tom King and artist Barnaby Bagenda
  • Mystic U (tentative title) by writer Alisa Kwitney and artist Mauricet
  • Section Eight by writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea
  • Dr. Fate by writer Paul Levitz and artist Sonny Liew
  • Green Lantern: Lost Army by Cullen Bunn, art by Jesus Saiz and Javi Pina.
  • Justice League 3001 by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Howard Porter
  • Constantine: The Hellblazer by Ming Doyle and Riley Rossmo

This isn’t the first time DC has cleaned house.  DC has had sweeping line changes since the launch of the New 52 back in 2011.  Every 6 months they have fairly consistently ended series and added new ones in.

The biggest difference in this change that I can see is that DC won’t be calling their line the “New 52” anymore, which make sense since the “New 52” is now 4 years old. The DC Comics line of books will now be called “DC You”.

New number 1 issues always sell a lot and make for easy jumping on points so the big two (Marvel and DC) renumber series on the regular when series take new creative directions.  DC seems to have held off on this more than Marvel lately.  We saw this when there was sea change in creative for Batgirl and Wonder Woman and DC continued with the “New 52” numbering rather than go reverting to number 1. DC has also (so far) kept to the “New 52” numbering without reverting back to the old numbering, even for major anniversary issues. Issue 19 of Detective Comics would have been issue 900 in the old numbering. DC still made this a special oversize anthology issue but actually kept the issue number of 19 and resisted renumbering the issue to 900.

I’ve been a big fan of the “New 52” so while I’m sad to see the name go, it looks like DC isn’t rebooting everything and this is just a shake up of things. The new books in this shake up aren’t all that interesting to me. So far the only book I’m planning on buying is Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America, but we shall see.

Secret Wars Game Plan

Secret Wars

I decided to really jump right into the deep end with this summer’s Secret Wars event so it’ll mean buying a lot of comics and spending a lot of money.  I’m not planning on going overboard and buying all the tie-in issues, so far I’m looking to spend between 60 to 100 dollars total for the whole event out of pocket.  This means if the rest of the main series Secret Wars issues cost 3.99 just the main series will cost 34 dollars which leaves 26 to 66 dollars for tie-in issues which is approximately 9 to 22 issues.

Here is my plan of attack.  I’m going to start by picking up the new Secret Wars main series and read them as they come out.  That will give me the primary (convoluted as it is) story along with little glimpses of what is going on in the different Battle Worlds. So if they mention a Battle World that seems interesting I’ll pick up its tie-in issue.  But if a particular Battle Work seems lame or covers something I don’t care about, I won’t pick up their tie-in issues.

There are some tie-in issues I’ve pre-ordered because I liked their original story (House of M, Civil War, Old Man Logan, etc.) and are already on my pull list.

Secret Wars 1

I’m going to also read the original 1985 Secret Wars as homework along with Marvel’s “True Believers” first issues of tie-in books (some I have already read but it would be a good refresher) which include (which you can get on Comixology for 99 cents here):

  • Infinity Gauntlet 1
  • Marvel Zombies 1
  • X-Men Alpha 1
  • Civil War 1
  • Planet Hulk 1
  • Civil War 1
  • House of M 1
  • Wolverine 66
  • Iron Man 225
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) 1
  • Age of Ultron 1

If by the end of its first issue I like the story I’ll read the rest of that story arc, and if I really like it I will possibly pick up the new Secret Wars tie-in issues.  The new Secret Wars tie-in story arcs I am on the fence for or not interested in I’ll wait 6 months and read when they come out on Marvel Digital Unlimited.

The best way to go about reading these back issues is through Marvel Digital Unlimited, its 60 dollars a year or 10 dollars a month and has most back issues up until about 6 months ago.  Marvel Digital Unlimited is like Netflix in that its an all you can read streaming service.  There are apps for Android and iOS for the service and these apps are really the way this service is meant to be used.  Marvel Digital Unlimited has a large back catalog so it includes the complete event and tie in’s for almost every Battle World in the new Secret Wars so you aren’t breaking the bank to buy them all.

I’m also going to attempt to read some of the recent Robert Hickman issues of Avengers that he’s been doing for the last 3 years that lead up to Secret Wars.  All of these Avengers issues I’ll be reading on Marvel Digital Unlimited and so there will be a 6 month gap which I’ll just read them as they come out on MDU (Marvel Digital Unlimited).

We’ll see how this goes.  I’ll post again at the release of issue 4 of Secret Wars which will be the halfway point and see if my plan worked and how I feel about the event in general.

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