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August Cool-O-Meter

Fresh from the pages of Marvel Comics in 1991 here is your August Cool-O-Meter

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Playlist

Batman v Superman Poster

This weekend the two greatest superheros of all time are going to face off for the first time in theaters everywhere.  This of course begs the question, what am I going to jam out to while the two juggernauts duke it out?  Well no fears, Comic Books and Cats has got you covered with fresh new playlist to hype you up for the movie (if you haven’t seen if yet) or to nurse that sweet post movie hangover.  You can listen to the directly through the app below or here is a direct link to the playlist on Spotify.

Green Arrow / Oliver Queen Playlist

Green Arrow Playlist

I’ve always been hugely into music and Spotify is slowly become my main way of listening to music.  One of the things I love most about Spotify is how easy they make it to create and share playlists that you make.  It got me thinking what would some of our favorite superheroes listen to?  The first person that came to mind was Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow.  This was a lot of fun so I will definitely be making more of these playlists and make them a regular feature of the site.  So please enjoy the following playlist inspired by Starling City’s favorite son.

My Top 5 Funko Pop Vinyl Wishlist

My name is Jason and I’m an addict.  My addiction is Funk POP Vinyls.  It started off innocent enough with just a Batman figure but soon blew up to over 50 figures.  Funko has put out a massive collection of these figures across multiple series of TV, Comics, Books, Movies, and Video Games.  These days the series they haven’t created figures for is almost smaller than the list of series they have created figures for.  However, there are few things they haven’t made into figures that are still on my wish list.

5) Britney Spears

Who better to make a series of Pop Vinyls then the undisputed Queen of Pop?  I understand that I may be alone as not every one shares my obsession with Britney, but hear me out.  They have made quite a few musician Pop Vinyls in the past and even did an entire series of Pop Vinyls just on Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson POP Rocks Vinyl

Who then also has a series of incredibly iconic outfits that are begging to be turned into cute pop vinyl form? Britney Spears.  I went ahead and pulled some pictures of some of her most iconic looks that would make a great series.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4) Death Note

death note poster

Death Note is easily my favorite anime and has just the right size cast where it wouldn’t take more than 4 figures to cover the main cast.  They could easily just do Light, L, Ryuk, and Misa and call it a day.  The characters are already so stylized in their animation that they would look amazing in the pop vinyl form.

3) Archer


Out of everything on this list Archer seems like the biggest no brainer to me.  It has a huge cast to work with and is beloved by the same people who already love Pop Vinyls.  In fact I would not be surprised at all if Funko had an Archer series announcement by the end of the year.  I mean come on! Just think of how great a Pam with a dolphin puppet, Krieger’s Anime Hologram wife, or Babou the Ocelot would be!

2) Studio Ghibli

Ghibli movie mural

HOW ARE THESE NOT ALREADY OUT!  Studio Ghibli is one of the most obvious choices for the Pop Vinyl treatment out there.  There dozens of extremely iconic and popular figures they could pull from that fans will throw money at.  Just a Totoro alone would fly off the shelves and with out expensive most Ghibli merchandise is it would be a steal at Funko’s 10 dollar price point.  They would have a big selection of characters to chose from and my top five characters I would like out of this series would be a Kiki and Gigi, Totoro, Nausicaa, and Howl and Calcifer.

1) Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Full cast

This is the big one.  They would probably have to just pick a couple of the more popular games but I would really like to see a collection of Final Fantasy figures that cover the entire series.  If they did anything I would assume they would start with Final Fantasy VII which would make the most sense.  Final Fantasy VII is one of, if not my favorite game in the series so if Funko only made figures from it I would be still be super happy.  But I am also a huge fan of Final Fantasy VIII and would really like a Squall figure.  My top five Final Fantasy Characters I’d like to see would be Squall, Cloud, Aeris, Terra, and Lightning.

That’s my top five list, what would you like to see get the Funko Pop Vinyl treatment?

How to Enjoy San Diego Comic-Con From Home

Little Mermaid 2

This weekend is Nerd Christmas which sometimes goes by the name of San Diego Comic-Con.  If you were one of the lucky people who planned way ahead and were able to buy tickets, then you are there right now and basking it all it’s glory.  But if you are like me then you are at home, seething in jealousy, feverishly refreshing comic book resources for any morsel of news.

Well just because we can’t be there doesn’t mean we can’t reap some of the glory without even leaving our house!

One of the things I get most jealous about missing out on is the legendary Comic Con Exclusives.  The last couple of weeks I’ve been watching as every retailer announce their exclusives with the knowledge that the only way I’ll get a chance at them is paying 2 to 3 times face value on ebay.  Well not this year!

This year you can actually buy some of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives from Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble, online, for face value!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a pretty amazing selection of Comic-Con Exclusive Funko POP Vinyl figures and T-Shirts.  They have a Metallic C-3PO, Dr. Who 11th Doctor, Castiel from Supernatural, Golden Frieza from Dragonball Z, Helena from Orphan Black, Twisty from American Horror Story, Golden Bender from Futurama, A special Minion, Sadness from Inside Out, and a X-Force version of Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck. You can check them all out here.  Here are some of my personal favorites.

Deathstroke Unmasked

Deathstroke Unmasked



Rocket with Potted Groot (My Personal Favorite)

Rocket and Potted Groot

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble has a selection of different Funko Figures and Pop Vinyls along with a few statues.  The Pop Vinyls include a black Ant-Man, Dr. Who Dalek, Joy from Inside Out, Captain America from Age of Ultron without his helmet on, and Star Wars K3PO (a white C3PO).  There also have a couple of action figures and more Funko items as well.  You can see the full list here.  My personal favorite is the Catwoman Statue from Batman the Animated Series.

SDCC 2015 Batman Animated Catwoman Bust

Catwoman Bust

Comic Books

What if you aren’t interested in buying toys or Funko Pop Vinyls?  It seems unlikely but it might true.  Well you can still appreciate San Diego Comic-Con by getting a lot of digital comics for real cheap!  Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse are all having big sales all weekend long on Comixology.

DC Comics

DC Comics

DC Comics is having a sale on a bunch of different Graphic Novels all for 4.99 a piece.  You can check it out here, the complete list is:

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Death of Superman
  • Batman Knightfall Vol. 1
  • Batman Knightfall Vol. 2
  • Batman Knightfall Vol. 3
  • Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
  • Identity Crisis
  • Infinite Crisis
  • 52 Vol. 1
  • 52 Vol. 2
  • 52 Vol. 3
  • 52 Vol. 4
  • Final Crisis
  • Batman RIP
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War
  • Blackest Night
  • Brightest Day Vol. 1
  • Brightest Day Vol. 2
  • Brightest Day Vol. 3
  • Flashpoint
  • Green Lantern: Rise of the Third Army
  • Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
  • Green Lantern: Wrath of the First Lantern
  • Justice League: Trinity War
  • Forever Evil
  • Superman: Doomed

Marvel Comics

Marvel is also having a sale on graphic novels, all of which are going for 4.99 as well.  You can get them here.  The complete list is as follows:

  • Death of Wolverine
  • Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More
  • Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1: Face it I Rule
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 1: Trust Me
  • Silver Surfer Vol 1: New Dawn
  • Thanos: A God Up There Listening
  • Thanos: The Infinity Revelation
  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck
  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: Spider-Verse
  • Cable & Deadpool: If Looks Could Kill
  • Deadpool Classic Vol. 1
  • Deadpool Corps: Prelude
  • Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 1: Good Buddies
  • Deadpool Vol. 1: Dead Presidents
  • Deadpool Vol. 2: Soul Hunter
  • Deadpool Vol. 1: Secrete Invasion
  • Deadpool Vol. 2: Dark Reign
  • Deadpool vs. Carnage
  • Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet

Dark Horse

Dark Horse (new to comixology) is having a line wide sale.  It is a little too much for me to put all of it in here but basically every graphic novel is on sale and the prices vary.  You can check out all of it here.

All of these comics are also price matched on Amazon and can be bought there for the sale price as well.

Digital Exclusive Variant Covers

Comixology Exclusive Covers

Comixology is also selling six different exclusive variant covers only during the duration of Comic Con.  I’ve never seen a digital exclusive variant cover before but it seems like a cool idea.  You can get them here.  Comixology will be released one each day, and you can check them all out below.

Comicpalooza 2015

Comicpalooza Logo

Over memorial weekend I made my fourth trip to Houston’s Comic-Con, Comicpalooza. Comicpalooza takes place at the George R. Brown Convention center and has expanded from taking place an Alamo Drafthouse Lobby in 2009 to the entire George R. Brown Convention Center.


Day 1

The first noticeable thing is that the George R. Brown is under construction. Houston will be hosting the Superbowl in 2017 so there is a lot of construction downtown. There are several new hotels being built in the area and the light rail lines are expanding. This translated to there being a lot of construction on the streets in front of George R. Brown along with some construction to the inside of the building. The good news is that other then looking messy none of this construction really impacted the convention. The actual convention floors are not getting any work done on them so other than some sheets on the walls it wasn’t any different then past years.


The biggest bummer of the weekend happened on Friday when Hayley Atwell’s Q&A was pushed up an hour and we missed all of it except the last question. Apparently the only way to know was to be notified through the Comicpalooza app, or if you happen to see it on Twitter. Even with the app the change was made at the very last minute so if you hadn’t checked the app within the hour of her going on stage you still wouldn’t have known.


The only other panel I went to on day 1 was for Joel Hodgeman of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He seemed a bit tired and cranky but other than that he was really funny and it was a good panel. Joel had even brought his own travel Tom Servo with him.


The dealer’s floor was great. There were booths taking up most of the first floor of George R. Brown while the ends of the convention center held the tables for celebrities and the food court. I winded up eating at the convention, against my own advice and the food was actually pretty good and decently priced.


Funko Pop Vinyl figures were sold by almost every booth across the floor. The pricing on these was really odd. Some booths did have exclusives or some of the rare figures for higher prices ($20 to $75 for rarer figures) there were still on par for what they cost online. A lot of booths were just over charging for the common figures that are readily in stock everywhere. I saw prices of $15 to $20 for figures that you could easily find online or even at other booths in the convention for $10.



My first days buys were a Captain ‘Murica Tee Shirt from Tee Turtle and two graphic novels, Catwoman Vol. 1 from Ed Brubaker and Darwin Cooke, and Devine Right by Jim Lee.

Day 2


First thing we did was to see the Comic Book Men panel, which was great. Ming and Mike had come to Comicpalooza last year and mentioned what a great time they had and how they enjoyed being in Houston. Bryan was booked to come to last year’s Comicpalooza but had gotten sick and wasn’t able to make it. Having three of the guys at the panel was great, Bryan truly give zero fucks and having him there really mixed things up.


Next we went and saw Cobie Smulders Q&A which was fantastic. She was really funny and engaging with the fans there. Of all the panels we saw Cobie seems to really be having the most fun.

secret wars

After those talks I did a lot of shopping. I bought variant edition of Secret Wars 1 (2015) from Space Cadet Collection Collection. They are a local shop in Houston that I happen to visit a couple weeks prior to Comicpalooza.


I picked up a bunch of elseworlds stories from an unmarked comic seller. I was able to find Superman Speeding Bullets, Supergirl Wings, Wonder Woman The Blue Amazon, Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham, and a couple of the 1994 Elseworlds Annuals (Batman, Superman, and Detective Comics). The guy who owned the stand notice all the Elseworlds I bought and tipped me off that he had a bundle of 12 of the 1994 annuals which I also picked up.


This was my most exciting find of the whole convention. I had heard about these annuals before really wanted to pick up a few of them but had no luck finding them at other stalls at the convention. Finding some many bundled was great and may or may be subject of future blog posts…

Pinup Collage

I also picked up some awesome art prints of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Catwoman from Spicy Donut. I had seen these before on Pinterest so it was pretty sweet to see the actual artist at Comicpalooza and be able to buy some prints.

The last event of the evening was the Cosplay Costume Contest, which has notoriously been a hot mess. Last year it started over an hour late and was completely unorganized. One would think that this year they would have learned from their mistakes. However, learn they did not. This year it also started nearly an hour late and we had seats close enough to the stage to see some of the drama go down.  The organizers had not actually selected judges and were pulling some of the minor celebrities from the audience to judge.   We waited until the event was officially 50 minutes late before bailing.  Literally as we stood up to leave some one did announce things would be starting shortly.  However, we were pretty tired by then and there was still no sign that it was actually going to start, so we just left not having seen any of the show. The saddest part was we could see the cosplayers in the back lined up and ready to go with no hope in sight. It seems to have just been a complete logistical failing on part of the Comicpalooza organizers.

Day 3


Day three was the biggest day for panels. We started off the day with the man, the legend, Stan Lee. He was as charming, sharp, and funny as ever. If I have even half of charisma and wit that Stan has when I’m 91 it will be a godsend.


Next we saw the Gotham Panel which had Camren Bicondova who plays Selina Kyle / Catwoman, Sean Pertwee who plays Alfred, Donal Logue who plays Harvey Bullock, Cory Michael Smith who plays Edward Nygma / The Riddler, and Cameron Monaghan who played Jerome (the Joker). Everyone on the panel was really great and were super excited about the show and that it got picked up for another season. It had been Camren’s birthday the day before and the organizers had gotten her a Catwoman Birthday cake and the whole crew got to spend the day at NASA. It was really cool of the organizers to do that for them and give them a taste or our great city during the short time they spent with us.


Chloe Bennet aka Skye aka Daisey from Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. was next. Chloe was schedule for one of the smaller rooms and it was clear that it was going to be too small for all the fans. The organizers did a amazing job of moving all of the people from the ballroom to the main auditorium and Chloe was still able to start her panel on time. Chloe was really funny and outside of Colbie Smulders really seemed to enjoy being there the most.


Last we saw Rosario Dawson aka Night Nurse. Rosario was great she answered a lot of questions about being on Daredevil and Rent along with some of the activism work she does. Because Chloe’s panel was moved to the auditorium, Rosario’s panel started as soon as Chloe’s was complete which seemed to be fine and people were able to get into the room without any issues.

Wonder Woman 614

My only day three buy was Wonder Woman issue 614 which was the last one I needed to complete the Wonder Woman Odyssey arc.

Comicpalooza is a four day convention but I didn’t make it out to the fourth day.  I had pretty much bought and seen every thing from the floor I wanted and there weren’t really any more panels I wanted to go to.

Overall it was a great time.  I really enjoy going to Comicpalooza and it’s been amazing to see it grow as much as it has over the last few years.  I’ve already got my calendar marked and ready to go for next year’s convention.

Full disclosure I was not paid to write any of this and paid for my admission with my own money.  Comicpalooza does have an official blogger/podcast partnership which this site would love to be a part of next year…

Lastly I have a selection of pictures of Cosplayers from the convention.

Reading Digital Comics

IMG_20150324_193333 (2)

Being a 21th century digital boy in a 21st century digital world I do a lot of my comic book reading on tablets.  I was thinking about it realized my indecision/obsession with Tablets has landed me in the position of having used Windows, Android, and iOS.  My plan is to have a future post where all three duke it out but before that I thought I should talk about Digital Comics in general.

The first question one might ask is why read comics digitally at all?  Comic books are traditionally read in print and its a medium that has worked well for over 100 years, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?  Well fuck all that noise.  We live in the future and aren’t going to waste all the great advances in technology just because its scary and different.  Here is my list of reasons going digital is awesome.

Your Whole Library With You On the Go

Pile of Books

I can not express how awesome it is to be able read anything in your library at any time on a whim.  I travel a lot for work which means I don’t have the majority of my collection at any given time.  The great part about digital comics is I don’t have to chose what I want to read ahead time, I just head out and then on the plane can cycle through my collection and pick what I want to read.  Even if you don’t travel its extremely convenient to just dig through your digital collection to find the book you want to read whenever you want.  I have a decent collection of floppies (monthly books) and the truth is that once I’ve read a book and put it in a long box it has all most no chance of my pulling it back out to read.  I’ve gotten better about going back to my print collection since I decided not to bag and board any more but I still have to be pretty motivated to dig through my boxes to find an issue.  With Digital I just have to do a quick search and download the issue if its not on my device all ready, and when I’m done I can just delete it and re-download whenever I want.

Digital Comics Don’t Take Up Space

Pile of Books 2

Since I graduated high school, I’ve moved 8 times.  Each of those 8 times there is at least 4 or 5 moving boxes full of books I’ve packed up and moved every single time.  I have a copy of Fight Club I’ve put in boxes and unpacked and put on my bookshelf 8 times having never opened it up and read it after the first time I read it in high school  Books are heavy y’all.  Books take up a lot of space.  Books are kind of a pain in the ass.  My comic book collection consists of 2 long boxes, 4 short boxes and one full book shelf of trades.  I like the physical copies I have of things but if I’m being honest I know that 75% of those books will stay in their box / shelf until years from now they go back in a moving box and are moved again.

I’ve managed to sell off and keep my book collection to one bookshelf that is fairly full.  I work on a blood in blood out system that if I get a new book something else has to be sold or given away.  This could have meant a lot less reading for me but its actually been the opposite.  I’m reading now more than I have since I was in high school and not filling up my house with books I’ll never read again.

Digital Comics Look Better

When they print comic books they are generally trying to print that book as cheaply as possible in order to maximize profits.  These days they still look pretty good and the pages are glossy and high resolution, though the paper may be thin.  However if you are reading older comics that were printed on a non-glossy paper chances are they look pretty bad these days.  The paper may yellow and the ink might settle.  Digital comics don’t damage with age.  They are 100% consistent in their looks and it doesn’t matter if its the first or hundredth time you’ve read them they will be identical quality.

Batgirl Special in Print

Batgirl Special in Print

Batgirl Special Digital

Batgirl Special Digital

Older Comics are Actually Cheaper

Action Comics 1

Lets say you want to simply read Action Comics 1, the first appearance of Superman.  Now you could spend 3.1 million dollars for a near mint copy at auction for the cleanest possible issue.  Or you could spend 99 cents on comiXology and get the comic in HD.  Yes I am aware this is an extreme case but Marvel and DC are on their way to digitizing their entire back catalog and if you want key issues from the golden and silver age you can get them for between 1 to 2 dollars.  There are lots of time I don’t want to spend the money or time searching for a key issue but just want to read it and digital comics is the only way to do that.

Digital Comics are Constantly on Sale

Comic Sale (2)

I’ll get into this more below when I discuss the ways to get digital comics but one of the great parts about digital books is there is all ways a sale to be had.  Marvel has 99 cent comic book sales every Monday and Friday and DC generally has week long theme sales of 99 cent books.  Not only are there 99 comic book sales but I have also gotten graphic novels and trade collections for pennies on the dollar of retail price.  I was able to get the Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1 which normally sells for 59.99 retail for 4.99.  You are able to get most trades daily for 10-15 dollars and they are often on sale for 5 dollars.  Not only are there great sales to be had but there are also tons of books you can get for free.  If I were to guess I’d say 2/3rds of my comiXology collection is entirely made

Digital Comics Can Include Features Print Can’t

batman 66 issue 1

There are a lot of cool features that can be done in digital comics that can’t be reproduced in print.  DC comics has several series of digital first comics like Batman ’66 which have cool features and tricks that can’t be done else where.  Marvel similarly has a series called Marvel Infinite comics that are digital only and contain special features.

Most pay for digital comics have a version of comixology’s “guided view” that will allow you to read the comic panel by panel instead of through the entire page.  This feature is great for new comers who have trouble following the direction of the comic panels across the page.  I find it also helps to focus your reading and prevents spoiling reveals that occur at the bottom of the page.  When I read Catwoman 1 through guided view I couldn’t see her apartment blew up at the bottom of the page.  It was a genuine surprise for me that I wouldn’t have had if I was reading normally.

Now that we are all on board for the awesomeness that is digital comics lets talk about how to get them.  There are really five main ways that a person can read comic digitally.

1) ComiXology


Comixology is the bread and butter of digital comics.  They are the standard and the best anology is they are to digital comics as itunes is to music.  They carry all of the major brands with Dark Horse being the only exception.  In fact when you are on Android or iOS the official Marvel and DC Comics app are created from comiXology.

Comixology has apps on all major platforms, Windows, iOS (Apple Devices), Android, and Kindle Fire.  You can also access and read comics from comiXology through any major web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).  Comixology is a buy once read anywhere platform.  Once you purchase a comic book you can read it on any app and download and delete it as many times as you like.  Your purchased comics are part of your library and stay in the cloud.

Comixology has also began releasing comics in HD.  At first these were only available on Apple devices but now you can get the HD versions of comic books on capable Android and Kindle Fires.  HD comic books do not cost any more and if you have bought a comic book in the past it doesn’t cost more to get it in HD.  If it is all ready downloaded on your device you will be prompted to re-download the book once it is available in HD.  You can also choose in the settings to not download books in HD if you would like to save space, as HD comics take up more.

Comixology is constantly having sales.  Marvel comics has sales every Monday and Friday for 99 cent single issue comics.  These sales generally have a theme, they may be 100 or so issues in a certain run of X-Men, or maybe issues that revolve around Hawkeye.  DC Comics generally has weeklong sales that start every Tuesday.  These don’t occur every week and also generally have a theme.  The theme will usually coincide with a TV, or movie event, so when Man of Steel came out there were hundreds of Superman comics on sale the week before.  There are also random sales from all other publishers occurring regularly.

Along with comic books on sale there are also a lot of free issues availible as well.  Image comics generally gives away all first issues of series for free.  DC has a set of key issues like Detective Comics 27 that are free.  Marvel does their free books a little oddly.  They give out a set of about 5 comics free every month but its not on a regular schedule and they don’t make it very obvious when they do.  The only way to know is to go to the free comic section in comiXology regularly and eventually these new marvel books show up.

Comixology has collected editions (trade paperbacks) and also single issue comics.  Single issue comics are released the same day on Comixology as they are in print at around 8 AM Central Time Wednesday morning.

2) Comic Reader Apps

Screenshot (25)

Did you know that Comic Books have their own file extension type?  Word Documents are .docx, PowerPoints are .pptx, and Excel files are .xlsx, and Comic Books are either .cbr or .cbz.  These files are more or less a modified version of a zip file that only contain picture files.  Windows and Apple can’t natively read these files but there are lots of programs available to do just that.  Every major operating system of tablet has a decent reader you can purchase or get for free.  Below is my opinion of the best reader for each.

Operating System

Reader Price

iOS (iPad)

Comic Zeal





Windows 8.1 (Surface)



Kindle Fire ComicCat


So let’s not beat around the bush here.  If you are using a comic book reader app like this you are doing so to read pirated comic books.  I’m not totally against this but lets not kid ourselves into believing this is totally legal behavior.  You really should pay for your comic books if you can but there are some times when I can understand why one might let their morality slide and get pirated comic books.  First, if there isn’t a digital version of the comic book and you simply want to read it.  There are a lot of old comic books that would be too expensive or difficult to find that you just want to read.  In these cases pirating the comic book may be the only way to actually read it.  Secondly is to get back ups of comic books you have all ready purchased in print.  In this case you could technically scan the book yourself and create your own digital version of the book… Or maybe just use the version someone else made.   I’m not going to get into detail on how to get pirated comic books so you are on your own there.

3) Kindle Books


The kindle fire has made a real dent in the tablet market and since its initial release made it self one of the major players in the game.  I’m a big fan of Amazon in general so I preordered and bought a 1st generation kindle fire the day they went on sale.  While there were a lot of features to like my main selling point was that there would be full color graphic novels on sale.  Initially kindle was the only place you were able to buy DC Comics Graphic novels but now there are several options including iTunes and Google Play Store.  However, Kindle is still by far the best place to buy graphic novels.

Kindle prices are all most always the best.  Most graphic novels are between 10 and 15 dollars and sometimes less than 10.  This is pretty much across the board and kindle will generally be anywhere from a couple of dollars to as much as 10 dollars less than iTunes of Google Play.

Kindle apps are available on all major operating systems.  You can read your kindle graphic novels on iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet, or Kindle Fires.  If you are buying on iTunes you are stuck in Apple-land, along with buying on Google Play.  The only other place you can buy graphic novels that works across all operating systems is on comixology, which when they are not on sale generally go for retail print price.

There are some downsides to graphic novels on kindle.

First they are not in HD and look grainy and bad especially on larger tablets.  The initial set of graphic novels released for kindle were made for a smaller, non-HD 7 inch screen.  They have not gone back and updated the resolution on those files so some of the graphic novels look pretty poor.  This is a weird problem they have and it seems to be on a book by book basis.  Some graphic novels I have for kindle look fine while others are at a distracting level of poor resolution.

Second there is no pinch and zoom on kindle graphic novels.  They have a “smart panel” view in which you can view the books panel by panel but that is the only way to get a closer look.  I know some people love this type of view but I don’t.  Most the time it is not a big deal but if its a two page spread it would be nice to pinch and zoom so I could read the dialogue without going into smart panel mode.

Lastly the kindle special features don’t work on graphic novels.  You can bookmark pages but that is about it.  The graphic novels don’t have real page numbers or features like highlighting, x-ray, and hyper-linked table of contents.  I get why highlighting and x-ray aren’t available but it would be nice if i could skip to a specific issue in the graphic novel with out digging around.

Overall these downsides are annoying but not so much a hindrance that I don’t use kindle for graphic novels.

4) Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited


You may notice that single issue comic books and graphic novels are pretty expensive.  You may have even said to your self, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Netflix style streaming option that I could pay monthly and read the comics i could dream of?”  Well tiger, you just hit the jackpot.  Marvel Comics has just that service available and the good news is that its actually a pretty good deal.  Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited gives you access to over 15,000 comic books with new books added every Monday.

The selection is surprisingly very good.  The back catalog isn’t complete but for a lot of series it gets pretty close.  There are nearly complete runs of books like Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, and The Avengers.  As for new comics there is a 6 month waiting period after the book is originally published before it is released on Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited.  As far as I can tell this is for every thing that came out that week six months ago which can be 25 to 30 new books released each week.  If you can wait six months after release to read your comics you can read every book marvel puts out for pennys on the dollar.

Screenshot (27)

There are three options as far as payment goes for a subscription.  You can pay monthly for 10 dollars a month which you can cancel any time.  You can pay for a year’s subscription for 70 dollars for the year (50 dollars less a year than paying monthly).  Lastly, you can buy the Annual Plus membership for 100 dollars a year (still 20 less a year than paying monthly).  The Annual Plus membership gives you a lot of perks but the only ones that really matter are an exclusive figure (this year its a marvel legends rocket raccoon), two exclusive variant cover comics, and 15% off all digital comics from  Now if you really want to save some money and don’t care about the variant cover comics this could be your cheapest option.  Right now both variant cover comics go for 20 each on ebay.  The Rocket Raccoon figure is also selling for between 20 and 50 on ebay right now.  So if you pay 100 dollars upfront for the year and sell all three bonus items you can potentially net 70 to 90 dollars back bringing the yearly cost down to 10 to 30 dollars.

The Marvel Comic Digital Unlimited app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, so Windows 8.1 users are shit out of luck.  You can technically read comics through any major web browser but app is how this service is meant to be used.  If you have a kindle fire you can side load the app using the OneMarket appstore or finding the APK online.  My experience in side-loading on kindle fire was so-so.  Sometimes it worked fine and others weird things happened like the comic wouldn’t fill up the entire screen and i had to constantly pinch and zoom to read, so I’d try a trial membership first before getting a yearly if you are planning on using it only on a kindle fire.

There are a couple of other subscription type comic book services out there but they are all fairly shitty.  Scribd is the best competitor out there but they do not have DC or Image and their marvel selection is a lot less than MCDU.  Comicfix has a similar catalog as Scribd and also noticeably missing Marvel, DC, and Image.  They have some good reads and are worth checking out but in my eyes aren’t ready for the big leagues until they have both the big two (Marvel and DC) in their catalog.

5) Other

You can now buy single issue comics and graphic novels from Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Nook bookstore.  If you are really invested in these operating system ecosystems it may be worth your while to buy from these places rather than the kindle store or comixology.  However you really wind up getting stuck with that type of device and it makes it harder and harder to switch over in the future if you would like.  You may be ride or die Apple right now but who knows maybe you become android curious in a couple of years.  The thing is there is just too much benefit in getting your books on a cross platform app like kindle or comixology vs. straight from iTunes.  Not only are you giving your self the ability to read on other devices but the price is fairly consistantly cheaper on comixology and kindle no matter what it is you are buying.

There are also certain comic books that you can buy that also come with a digital copy as well.  Marvel comics gives away digital codes in all comic books that are 3.99 and higher (which is most at this point) that can be redeemed on comixology.  DC Comics used to sell digital combo versions of a lot of certain series that would cost a dollar more than the normal print version.  However very recently they killed this off due to low sales and lower redemption numbers of the comics.  Apparently people were just buying the combo packs just to get a version of the comic in a plastic bag… DC has mentioned possibly just giving the codes for free the same way Marvel does so let’s cross our fingers and hope they do.

The Downside of Digital Comics

iphone fire

Ok lets be fair here, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the land of digital. so let’s go over a few of the downsides of digital comics.

You Can’t Re-sell Digital Comic Books

Your digital copy of Action Comics 1 isn’t going to someday be worth 3 million dollars. If you look at comic books as an investment than digital comic books are going to give you a 0% return on investment. Now some may take that to mean that because they can’t be sold your digital comic books are worthless but that isn’t true. If you are buying comic books because you like to read them, and reading them gives you joy, then digital comic books do in fact have worth.

The fact is that at the end of the day the vast majority of modern comic books are not worth much of anything at all. When we see a story on the news of someone finding a pristine copy of Detective Comics 27 and retiring off the millions they make does not translate to your copy of 1991’s X-Men 1 is going to be your life on easy street in a 20-30 years.

Comic books gain value based on two things, availability, and desire to own. Action Comics 1 can sell for upwards of 3 million because it’s desire is extremely high and it is extremely rare. There are only two known CGC 9.0 graded copies of Action Comics 1, which are over 75 years old, and have arguably the most recognizable comic book character of all time. The comic book speculation game is a crap shoot and the truth is that if you are trying to make money off of comic books you are much more likely to be sorely disappointed. There are, however, a few high value modern books that appear every now and then. A first print copy of Walking Dead 1 goes for upwards of 9 thousand dollars (mostly because it had a initial print run of only 7,000 copies). Saga number 1 sells for around 100 dollars, New Mutants 98 sells for 300 dollars. I even have a couple of these in my own collection, Batgirl 13 goes for 22 dollars and Edge of Spider-verse 2 is currently going for a ridiculous 75 dollars.   These are nice little surprises but at the end of the day are just blimps in a sea of comic books I own that are worth little to nothing.

You Don’t Actually Own Your Digital Comic Books

Remember reading through iOS 8’s terms of service? No? Just clicked agree? Well buried deep terms and conditions of your digital comic book transaction it will say that you are not paying for ownership of the digital comic book but for a license that gives you the ability to read that comic book. Yes you don’t actually own that comic book that you paid for.

I’ll give you the nightmare scenario. Something happens to comixology and it goes out of business. You go to log in and get a website error and are suddenly locked out. All the comic you spent years paying for have suddenly vanished and you have nothing to show for it.

Now Comixology could go out of business. Along with comic books I have a decent online streaming collection of movies. Some of these I bought from Target Ticket when they were on sale and a month ago I got a notice that Target Ticket was shutting its doors. I wasn’t left screwed over and without any of the movies I bought. The movies I bought were ultraviolet and part of my digital locker so they were still available on several other apps. Target Ticket also gave me the ability to transfer all my purchases to a rival service, Cinemanow free of charge.  This seems more like what would happen if Comixology went under, I believe it is likely they would allow us to download our comics we own and transfer what we have to another service.

Image comics has actually taken action in preventing this from happening by allowing users to download DRM free back up versions of all their comics you by from Comixology.  If you buy digital comics from the Image website they come completely DRM free PDF’s that you can download as many times as you want.  I don’t suspect that DC and Marvel will follow suit but you never know.  I would have never imagined iTunes would go DRM free but they have been DRM free for years now.

Should you even be worried about this?  The truth is that digital goods is still a new frontier, we don’t really know what long term effects will be.  Buying into digital is a little bit of a gamble.  You are putting your money into a platform entrusting that it will be around for a very long time.  But let me give you the other nightmare scenario.  There is a fire in your house and all of your print comics are lost.  Maybe its not a fire, maybe your house is broken into, maybe your comics get infested with silverfish or bugs.  The fact is that as much as digital comics are a gamble print comics can be just as much of a gamble.

No matter how future proof you think things are they can quickly become obsolete or destroyed.  There is a decent amount of CD’s I bought in high school that have CD rot and parts of them are unplayable.

Final Thought

jerry final thought

In the last few years it feels like I can’t go a whole week without seeing a digital vs. print article that waxes poetic about how print is dying and everything is terrible.  Here’s the thing.  It doesn’t have to be either or.  You can actually like reading things digitally and like getting them in print as well.  I know that at the end of the day I’m more likely to read and re-read the material I get digitally yet I still have a pretty hefty collection of print comics.  I still have a pull list at my local comic book shop and I still get some books in physical trade paperback.  I like collecting comics.  I like going to new shops when I travel and I like the digging through bargain bins and finding treasure.  Just because I like print comics doesn’t mean I then must also hate digital comics.  We don’t have to be binary, its possible to like two things at the same time!

If you are die hard print give digital a try, see if you like it and at the very least just create a comixology account and get something for free.  Who knows you may wind up loving it…

Thug Notes: Watchmen

If you have never seen the Thug Notes series on YouTube you should definitely check out their channel on YouTube and subscribe (here is a link to their channel).  I watched a lot of them when first started putting them out about a year ago and kind of fell off.  So I was pleasantly surprised to a) see that they were still making videos b) had done a literary analysis of Watchmen (Alan Moore / Dave Gibbons)!


How to Prepare for a Comic Book Convention

Me at Comicpalooza 2014

The beginning of the summer generally means the start of comic book convention season for a lot of us. For me it will be my annual attendance to Houston TX’s comic book convention Comicpalooza.

The First Things To Do

The first thing you’ll want to do after you figure out where and when your comic convention takes place is buy tickets. Comicpalooza has never sold out as far as I am aware of but I still buy tickets in advance (You can buy them here). Even if your convention doesn’t sell out buying ahead of time can mean getting tickets cheaper using promotional codes and also cut down your time spent waiting to get in. As far as how early to buy, really decides on the likelihood of the convention selling out. If you are trying to get into San Diego Comic-Con it is near impossible. You have to sign up well in advance just to get in the lottery for the chance to buy tickets. If you are not signing up and online the second each of these steps appear online you will not get tickets. The good news is this isn’t the majority of cases, outside of San Diego and New York Comic-Con you can generally get your tickets a couple of weeks to days ahead of time without any issues.

The next step, which seems like a no brainer, is put it in your calendar to go to the convention. Most of these conventions last anywhere from 2 to 4 days and although you can come and go as you please you should probably just block off the whole weekend.

Getting to the Convention

A little planning ahead of time can really save some time and heartache. Most of the time going to the convention website can give you all the information you’ll need. You can find out the hours, hotel information, parking, what items are prohibited, and rules / regulations. You can also get information like schedules, maps, and other information.

If your convention is out of town and you’ll be staying at a hotel your best plan is to book early. If you want to stay at a hotel that is in walking distance to the convention you will probably be shelling out a lot of money. You may be ok with paying more to have the close proximity but if you don’t book months in advance the hotel will be booked solid. In a city like Houston there are enough hotels where if you are ok with driving to the convention each day you can get at a fair price and not have to book that far in advance.

You should do what you can to find out what else is happening that weekend in the town you are staying in. Last year I went to Austin City Limits Music Festival which happened to take place the same weekend as Austin Comic Con and a University of Texas Football game. You may not care about Austin City Limits or Football but if you were planning on going to Austin Comic Con that weekend you should have been hard pressed to find a Hotel anywhere in the city that wasn’t fully booked.

If you are driving to the convention scope out the parking situation ahead of time. Most convention websites will have maps and parking information. It is likely you will have to pay for parking and it could be anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars so bring cash with you.

First thing you’ll need to do is to pick up your badge before you can get in. Since you were smart and ordered it ahead of time you just have to wait in the will call line to pick it up. Once you have your badge you can come and go as you please and you won’t have to repeat the process on the other days of the convention.

I Have Arrived Now What?

This seems like a question you don’t need to ask but comic book conventions can be huge. Comicpalooza is at the Houston George R. Brown Convention Center which takes up an entire city block in length and has three floors. There is a ton of things to do and it can be pretty overwhelming.

There are five main activities that you can do while you are at the convention.

1) Look at the Vender Booths and Buy Stuff

The vendor floor is huge and has anything and everything comic books, tv shows, movies, and all things nerdy for you to go through. Typically just walking through and not stopping to buy anything it takes me about an hour to two hours to go through the entire floor. So give yourself a plenty of time in your schedule to just spend going through the booths.

The dealer area is also where the artists will be and where you can buy and commission art. If there is an artist you are particularly interested in for a commission (and that you know is doing commissions) go to them first so you can get on their list.

Sometimes the dealers will have discounts on the last day but I wouldn’t count on that if you are trying to get the best price. Someone else might pick up that special item you are waiting to get marked down and you’ll be out of luck. I’ve seen stuff go on sale but it’s usually like 15-20% off on a limited number of items and usually not a huge difference in price

2) Meet Celebrities and get Autographs / Pictures

Comic Book Men Picture

A big pull at Comicpalooza (and all conventions) is the celebrity appearances. Now you might think by the way they advertise them that with your four day pass you can just walk to up any celebrity there with their autograph and picture. You would be wrong. Celebrity autographs generally run you between 40 and 60 dollars and Celebrity photo ops can cost from 60 to 150 dollars. It is expensive and if you want to get a few of these it’s probably going to eat up your entire budget (here is the pricing for Comicpalooza).

All hope is not lost! The good thing about these conventions is that each of these celebrities will also have panels that they speak at which are included in the cost of your ticket. At these panels the celebrity (or sometimes they will be in a group) will talk and generally answer questions from the audience. Be sure to check the convention schedule ahead of time so you know when and where the panels are for the celebrities you want to see.

 3) Play Games

Comicpalooza has almost an entire floor dedicated just to gaming. They have a ton of space for table top board and card games along with areas set up for video game tournaments. Whether you bring your own games or you come looking for new people to play with if you so choose you can spend your whole weekend playing nothing but games!

4) Check out all the People in Cosplay


Comic book conventions have become famous for all the awesome costumes that attendees wear and you’ll be able to see them throughout the entire convention. I’ve had nothing but good experiences and if you ask the people they will generally let you take their picture or even take a picture with you. You’ll want to take some common courtesy and not bother people if they are say eating or busy buying something. But in general, if they are just walking around they don’t mind taking pictures as long as you ask.

There is also a costume contest at some point during the convention which you can find the time and location on the schedule on the convention website. This is a great opportunity to take pictures of a lot of the costumes at once as well as seem some of the best costumes at the convention.

5) Go to Panels!

We already talked about celebrity panels but there are also all sorts of other free (well included in your admission cost) panels to go to as well. These can be discussions on comic books or tv shows, how to demonstrations for cosplay, nerdy trivia, etc. There really is all sorts of panels to go to so be sure to look through the schedule before you leave so you know where and when you panel of choice is.

What to Bring?

Timbuk2 Messenger

You may have seen in pictures at other conventions these giant bags that they give out for people to carry stuff in. Comicpalooza does not have these so you will need to bring your own backpack. You should also leave a good amount of empty space in your bag so you can fill it with things you buy (I use a Timbuk2 Medium Messenger).

First I bring a small amount of snacks and a bottle of water. I stick with things like Peanut Butter Crackers or Granola bars that are filling but don’t take up a lot of space. There will be food at the convention but its nice to have a little something if you are waiting in line or at a panel and don’t want to go all the way back down to the floor to get something to eat. There are big water coolers of purified water scattered throughout the George R. Brown Convention center so you can refill your bottle of water as you drink it through the day.

I print out the complete schedule and keep it in my bag with me. This is helpful but can also be accomplished by downloading the Comicpalooza app on your phone which has the complete schedule. It is easier to use the app which doesn’t required internet service so you can use it even if the mobile network is overloaded. I like to keep a paper copy just in case for some reason my phone dies.

Sony NEX 3NL 2

A camera! I know for most people their phone is their camera so you are likely good to go already.  But if you have a nicer camera then this is the place to bring it.  There will be lots of opportunities to take pictures of and with the cosplayers along with celebrities.  I use a Sony NEX 3 it is a hybrid between a full DSLR and a point a shoot that uses interchangeable lenses.  I like that it has the functionality of a DSLR but is a lot smaller and easier to carry around

Battery Hub

External USB Battery for your phone. There will be thousands of people at the convention and the mobile networks will be overloaded. You can still use your phone but the strain on the network will cause your battery to drain faster than usual. There may be plugs around the convention to use but with an external battery you can charge on the go. These external batteries come in a lot of different sizes but I suggest going with one that has over 10,000 mAh (this is what I use). It will be bigger but will have enough juice to fully charge your phone about 4-7 times.

Pen and Paper

Pen and notebook. Panels may change rooms or autograph / pictures may change times so it’s good to have pen and paper on hand to make notes of changes that occur.

If you have a Nintendo 3DS bring it. You’ll get more street passes then you even have in your entire life.

Lastly I keep a printed off copy of the comic books I own with me. I do a lot of searching through bins so it’s good to know what back issues you already own. I also keep a copy on my phone which I will use first but it is always good to have a backup.

Pro Tips

Make room in your schedule and go offsite for lunch. There are a lot of restaurants around the George R Brown Convention center and they are surprisingly not swarmed with people from the convention (I suggest Phoenicia they have great pre-made food so you can buy your food quickly and it’s only a block away). The food at the convention isn’t the worst food ever but its typical stadium food and pricy. But more so the food areas are packed you might not be able to sit down. After all the walking you’ll be doing, lunch is a good time to take a break and sit for a few minutes. Don’t rush through lunch, sit down, take a little time, your body will appreciate it.

When you are making your schedule it is good to put on your list everything you might be interested in seeing even if some of the events are occurring at the same time. However, make note of 3-5 events that you are the most interested and make those your priority. There is a lot to do at these things and you can go from panel to panel non-stop from when the doors open to when they close. It is ok if you miss some things, allow your schedule to be flexible enough that after you go to your must see panels you can still go to the vendors floor, or wait in line for pictures / autographs.

If you want a photo / autograph of a certain celebrity find out when they are before you leave. Some of the celebrities will be there all week but some will only be there on a single day and have very limited windows for autographs/photos. Some of the photo ops can be purchased online weeks before the convention occurs, so do that. But make sure you check the schedule before you get to the convention so you know when to be at their booth.

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