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Complete Mary Jane Watson Marvel Variant Covers

Face it tiger you just hit the jackpot.  We’ve had Gwen Stacy Variant Covers but now Spider-man’s lady in red is getting her own set of variant covers.  This June (2017) Marvel is releasing 22 variant covers featuring Mary Jane Watson.  See the complete list and images below.

  1. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #3 by Kris Anka
  2. All-New Wolverine #21 by David Lopez
  3. Avengers #8 by Mike Allred
  4. Black Bolt #2 by Ryan Stegman
  5. Captain America: Steve Rogers #18 by Paolo Rivera
  6. Champions #9 by Helen Chen
  7. Daredevil #21 by Humberto Ramos
  8. Deadpool #32 by Elizabeth Torque
  9. Doctor Strange #22 by Francisco Herrera
  10. Gwenpool, The Unbelievable #17 by David Nakayama
  11. Hulk #7 by Rahzzah
  12. I Am Groot #2 by Julian Totino Tedesco
  13. Invincible Iron Man #8 by Marco Checchetto
  14. Iron Fist #4 by Stephanie Hans
  15. Mighty Thor #20 by Patrick Brown
  16. Secret Warriors #3 by Javier Rodriguez
  17. Spider-Gwen #21 by Kevin Wada
  18. The Mighty Captain Marvel #6 by Chris Samnee
  19. The Punisher #13 by Dave Williams
  20. Venom #151 by Francesco Mattina
  21. X-Men Blue #5 by Emanuela Lupacchino
  22. X-Men Gold #5 by Anthony Piper

As an extra bonus here are four more variant covers with Mary Jane as member of the Avengers drawn by J. Scott Campbell

DC Comics February 2016 Neal Adams Variant Covers Complete

For the month of February there are some inception levels of Neal Adams in the variant covers from DC Comics.  We have Neal Adams, playing homage to himself through 25 different covers.  As an added bonus I not only was able get the color covers but Neal Adams released the pencils for each cover as well!



Harley’s Little Black Book Variant Covers Complete

For December DC Comics are continuing to their theme variant covers but this time there is a twist.  Instead of just normal variants, each variant will come three varieties: full colors, inks, and pencils.  The buyer won’t know which of the three they will get as they will all come in the following black polybag.

Harley's Little Black Book Polybag

In addition to the three normal varieties (color, ink, pencils) one lucky buyer will truly hit the jackpot as each artist created an original 1 of 1 sketch cover which was slipped in the mix as well.  Here is J. Scott Campbell’s original sketch variant that he posted on his Facebook page.  Sadly with the number of collector’s that will buy copies of these books and never open them its likely that a few of these original sketch variants will never see the light of day.

Hidden Sketch

Here’s the full list of comics and artists:

  • Harley’s Little Black Book 1 – J. Scott Campbell
  • Justice League 47 – Jim Lee
  • Justice League Of America 6 – Joe Madureira
  • The Flash 47 – Terry Dodson
  • Green Arrow 47 – Tim Sale
  • Wonder Woman 47 – Amanda Conner
  • Superman 47 – Lee Bermejo
  • Batman 47 – Alex Ross
  • Harley Quinn 23 – Bruce Timm
  • Green Lantern 47 – Darwyn Cooke

Here is the complete collection of covers including each in full colors, inks, and pencils:

Harley’s Little Black Book 1

Justice League 47

Justice League Of America 6

The Flash 47

Green Arrow 47

Wonder Woman 47

Superman 47

Batman 47

Harley Quinn 23

Green Lantern 47

DC Comics November Looney Tunes Variants

DC continues it’s theme variant covers this November with Looney Tunes Variant Covers.  Here is the complete collection.

Marvel’s Hip-Hop Variant Covers Complete

Update 9/6/15 with more covers.  I now have the current slate of 41 known covers represented.

This October Marvel is releasing Hip-Hoop Variant Covers for 27 different comics.  As far as I can tell this is the complete list of covers they will be releasing.  I saw reports of there being 50 different covers but that changed to 25, and then I was able to find 31.  I’ll update this post with any additional covers if they wind up actually creating them.

DC Comics Green Lantern 75th Anniversary Variant Covers

DC Comics is continuing their monthly theme variants covers this September with a slew of covers honoring the 75th Anniversary of Green Lantern.  I’ve got the complete collection below.

Comic Block June 2015 Unboxing

Comic Block Web Clipping

A new month and a new Comic Block!  I guess if I do more than one of these unboxings I’m going to convince myself I need to do them every month.  The slightly odd thing about these Comic Blocks is that because they ship at the end of the month you don’t actually get June’s box until July so the month constantly seems off.  It’s not that big of a deal I just don’t want the internets to feel I waited a whole month to post this, the box just came in the mail this week.

First lets look at the full box and all it’s glory

Comic Block June - Full Unboxing

Here is the full rundown of items in the June Comic Block:

  • Groot #1 Exclusive Comic Block Variant Cover
  • Ghostbusters Get Real #1 Exclusive Comic Block Variant Cover
  • 21st Century Tank Girl #1 Exclusive Comic Block Variant Cover
  • BVS. T-Shirt from ShirtPunch
  • Avengers Pen and Note Pad

Here is a look at the insert that comes in that box that explains all the items.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This month every comic book was an exclusive Variant cover instead of 2 out of 3 from the May Comic Block which is awesome.  Still no sign of the elusive trade paper back that we were promised would be in some of the boxes, so perhaps next month?  The overall quality of comic books remains very high.  The issue of Groot and 21st Century Tank Girl justify the purchase price of the box alone in my opinion (sorry Ghostbusters).  It looks like the trend will be that all the comic books are number 1 issues of new ongoing series which is awesome.  They are trying to get people on board new series rather than handing out random overstock back issues.  We’ll start by taking a look at the non Comic Book items in the box.  This month had a cool Batman vs. Superman T-Shirt which I like a lot more than I did last month’s Comic Book Guy T-Shirt.  The box also came with a Avengers Pen and note pad which looks like something you’d find on the shelf at Wal-Mart or Target and is pretty meh.  I would have rather they included an art print like they did last month then have something so generic as this pen.

Last month I posted my unboxing before I actually read the books so I thought it might be better this month if I read them first and wrote a little blurb about each one.

Groot #1

Comic Block June - Groot 1

As Rocket famously stated, Groot “Don’t know talkin’ good…, so his vocabulistics is limited to “I” and “am” and “Groot,” exclusively in that order”.  So when Marvel announced they were going to release a Groot solo ongoing series I was curious how it would turn out.  While this may be a Groot solo series, Rocket is just as much a star and does the heavy lifting in the speech department.  However, the end of this issue makes me think that Rocket and Groot won’t actually be with each other going forward like they were in this issue.

This comic was great.  It had the humor and wit that the Guardians of the Galaxy Film brought and was a joy to read cover to cover.  I’m still not sure I’m going to pick up Groot as an ongoing series but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it to start appearing on Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited.  My favorite part though had to be this little reference to Man of Steel.

21st Century Tank Girl #1

Comic Block June - Tank Girl 1

This is actually the book I was most exciting about.  I don’t know much about Tank Girl so it was pretty sweet to find an issue in this month’s box.  This issue (and series I’m assuming) is an anthology issue so it had 4 different stories with various writers and artists in it.  All the stories were funny, raunchy, and violent.  I don’t know if I will add this to my pull list but if future issues are in this anthology format this it will be good to know I can pick them up later and not be lost.

Ghostbusters Get Real #1

Comic Block June - Ghostbusters Get Real 1

This is the comic that I was least excited about in the whole bunch.  In general I am pretty weary of comic books that are based off of TV Shows or Movies.  I’m sure that there are plenty of good books out there but it just isn’t my cup of tea.  That being said this comic was ok.  I’m not going to buy more of the series, but I enjoyed the issue well enough.  The plot is that the elder God Proteus attacks the Real Ghostbusters (from the 90’s cartoon) causing them to go into the universe of the regular Ghostbusters.

I am vaguely aware that the Real Ghostbusters existed and that it is different from the normal Ghostbusters so I was able to understand that part.  They give you all the information you need anyway so even if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of Ghostbusters you would be able to follow along.

The target audience for this book is for children around 8 to 12 so if you got a kid that is into Ghostbusters this might be a good pick for them.

Full disclosure I was not paid for this post and bought this comic block with my own money.  I am doing this unboxing for my own entertainment, however, if the people at nerd block wanted to give me free things I would love to take them and review them here.

Complete Women of Marvel Variant Covers

This March Marvel had a “Women of Marvel” theme of Variant Covers spot lighting lady creators.  I got the complete collection below.

  • All-New Captain America #5 By Unknown
  • All-New Hawkeye #1 By Sho Murase
  • All-New X-Men #39 By Faith Erin Hicks
  • Amazing Spider-Man #16 By Ming Doyle
  • Ant-Man #3 By Katie Cook
  • Avengers #42 By Uknown
  • Black Widow #16 By Vanesa Del Rey
  • Captain Marvel #13 By Aufa Richardson
  • Deadpool #43 By Unknown
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #25 By Erica Henderson
  • Inhuman #13 By Jill Thompson
  • Legendary Star-Lord #10 By Sana Takeda
  • Ms. Marvel #13 By Unknown
  • New Avengers #31 By Sara Pichelli
  • Rocket Raccoon #9 By Janet Lee
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 By Colleen Doran
  • Superior Iron Man #6 By Uknown
  • Thor #6 By Stephanie Hans
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3 By Gurihiru
  • Uncanny Avengers #3 By Amanda Conner
  • Uncanny X-Men #33 By Stacey Lee


Complete Gwen Stacy June Marvel Variants

It’s no secret that I have been a fan of Spider-Gwen going all they way back to the release of Edge of Spider-verse 2.  Well I am not alone.  The people have gotten a taste of Spider-Gwen and the people have spoken, more Gwen!  So in celebration of everyone’s favorite webslinger Marvel is release 20 Gwen-spired variant covers across all it’s lines in the month of June.  Here is the complete list of comics followed by their covers:

  • 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 by John Tyler Christopher
  • Armor Wars #1 by David Lafuente
  • Black Widow #19 by Dan Hipp
  • Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #9 by Jake Wyatt
  • Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 by Chris Bachalo
  • Future Imperfect #1 by Nick Bradshaw
  • Groot #1 by Giuseppe Camuncoli
  • Guardians of Knowhere #1 by Rob Guillory
  • Howard The Duck #4 by Jason Latour
  • Inhumans: Attilan Rising #2 by James Stokoe
  • Magneto #19 by Declan Shalvey
  • Old Man Logan #3 by Chris Samnee
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #7 by Robbi Rodriguez
  • Secret Wars #3 by Nick Bradshaw
  • Secret Wars #4 by Chris Samnee
  • Secret Wars 2099 #2 by Jason Latour
  • Squadron Sinister #1 by Greg Smallwood
  • Thors #1 by Kris Anka
  • Ultimate End #2 by Chip Zdarsky
  • X-Men ’92 #1 by Ryan Stegman

DC July Variant Covers: Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go!

DC continues their theme variant covers in July (2015) with Teen Titans Go!  There will be 23 total spanning across various books.  This is going to take place once the Convergence Event is over so there are a lot of new titles joining the fold this time.

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