Marvel Collector’s Corps: Secret Wars Unboxing


Although this is the third Marvel Collector’s Corps box that Marvel and Funko have put out, it’s the first one that I am doing an unboxing for.  Back in July it was announced that this month’s theme was going to be Secret Wars.  I’ve been knee deep reading comics for Marvel’s Secret Wars event, so a whole box dedicated to Secret Wars is right in my wheel house.

First lets get a rundown of all the items in the box:

  • Marvel Collector’s Corps Secret Wars Pin
  • Marvel Collector’s Corps Secret Wars Patch
  • Secret Wars Funko Pop Tee
  • Exclusive Marvel Collector’s Corps Secret Wars Issue 1 Variant Cover
  • Ultimate (Miles Morales) Spider-man Exclusive Funko Pop Bobble Head
  • Lady Thor Exclusive Funko Pop Bobble Head

First there is the Collector’s Corps Pin and Patch which look like they will be coming with every shipment.


This is only the third Collectors Corps box to be released but the first to have more than one exclusive Pop Vinyl figure.  Based on the art on the box (which was revealed ahead of time) I had guessed correctly that one of the figures would be Lady Thor and was very pleasantly surprised to find not only Lady Thor but Ultimate Spider-man too.


I was also pleasantly surprised to find that they had altered the box to put a divider in order to prevent the figures from jostling around too much during shipping.  This is a great improvement as the box for my Ant-Man figure from July got crushed during delivery.




Next is the T-shirt which is my favorite T-shirt to date.  It is a Funko Pop Tees brand shirt with Captain America, Thor, Ultimate Spider-man, and War Machine.  The Ant-Man shipment also had a Funko Pop Tees shirt so hopefully this is the type of shirt we will get going forward.


Last, and certainly not least is a exclusive Secret Wars Issue 1 Variant Cover with the Pop Thor on the front.  It came in a poly bag with board so you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up during shipping.  I’m not super worried about keeping it for resale so I’ll probably take it out of the bag but haven’t done so yet.

Secret Wars 1 Collector's Corps Variant Cover

I’ve been receiving the Marvel Collector’s Corps boxes since they first started back in May just to get the Exclusive Hulkbuster Pop Figure.  I kept it through the July box to see what the Ant-Man themed box would have and was a little underwhelmed when I got it.  If this August box had been something other then Secret Wars I probably would have canceled.  However, this has been my favorite box in the series by far and has got me much more excited about the series on the whole.  On the website it says the boxes cost 25 dollars but after shipping and taxes it comes out to around 35 dollars, which is a lot.  It does help that they only come out every other month but it’s still a high price for possibly only a single exclusive Funko Pop Figure.  If every box is as good as this box I don’t see me canceling my subscription anytime soon!


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