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My Top 5 Funko Pop Vinyl Wishlist

My name is Jason and I’m an addict.  My addiction is Funk POP Vinyls.  It started off innocent enough with just a Batman figure but soon blew up to over 50 figures.  Funko has put out a massive collection of these figures across multiple series of TV, Comics, Books, Movies, and Video Games.  These days the series they haven’t created figures for is almost smaller than the list of series they have created figures for.  However, there are few things they haven’t made into figures that are still on my wish list.

5) Britney Spears

Who better to make a series of Pop Vinyls then the undisputed Queen of Pop?  I understand that I may be alone as not every one shares my obsession with Britney, but hear me out.  They have made quite a few musician Pop Vinyls in the past and even did an entire series of Pop Vinyls just on Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson POP Rocks Vinyl

Who then also has a series of incredibly iconic outfits that are begging to be turned into cute pop vinyl form? Britney Spears.  I went ahead and pulled some pictures of some of her most iconic looks that would make a great series.

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4) Death Note

death note poster

Death Note is easily my favorite anime and has just the right size cast where it wouldn’t take more than 4 figures to cover the main cast.  They could easily just do Light, L, Ryuk, and Misa and call it a day.  The characters are already so stylized in their animation that they would look amazing in the pop vinyl form.

3) Archer


Out of everything on this list Archer seems like the biggest no brainer to me.  It has a huge cast to work with and is beloved by the same people who already love Pop Vinyls.  In fact I would not be surprised at all if Funko had an Archer series announcement by the end of the year.  I mean come on! Just think of how great a Pam with a dolphin puppet, Krieger’s Anime Hologram wife, or Babou the Ocelot would be!

2) Studio Ghibli

Ghibli movie mural

HOW ARE THESE NOT ALREADY OUT!  Studio Ghibli is one of the most obvious choices for the Pop Vinyl treatment out there.  There dozens of extremely iconic and popular figures they could pull from that fans will throw money at.  Just a Totoro alone would fly off the shelves and with out expensive most Ghibli merchandise is it would be a steal at Funko’s 10 dollar price point.  They would have a big selection of characters to chose from and my top five characters I would like out of this series would be a Kiki and Gigi, Totoro, Nausicaa, and Howl and Calcifer.

1) Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Full cast

This is the big one.  They would probably have to just pick a couple of the more popular games but I would really like to see a collection of Final Fantasy figures that cover the entire series.  If they did anything I would assume they would start with Final Fantasy VII which would make the most sense.  Final Fantasy VII is one of, if not my favorite game in the series so if Funko only made figures from it I would be still be super happy.  But I am also a huge fan of Final Fantasy VIII and would really like a Squall figure.  My top five Final Fantasy Characters I’d like to see would be Squall, Cloud, Aeris, Terra, and Lightning.

That’s my top five list, what would you like to see get the Funko Pop Vinyl treatment?

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